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About our training and classes...

Our  instructors are not only trainers, but they are experienced divers who love diving, and still  enjoy learning and taking new training programs themselves - so they are students too.  Our classes feature lots of personal attention to help you to feel comfortable and to get most out of your training. To see all PADI courses and pre-requisites see: .

We take SCUBA training very seriously, but it?s also serious fun! We offer a wide variety of local and out of town dive opportunities so you are can get the most out of your training.  Red Devil Scuba offers workshops and training programs including:

Discover Scuba    

An introduction to scuba diving, Discover Scuba is offered periodically through the shop, or you can book one for your own group or party.  If you take this class and wish to pursue the Open Water Diver certification, you can have the cost of this course deducted from your Open Water course fee.  Scouts, School groups, Cadets and Work teams have tried this, how about your group?

Discover Snorkeling

An introduction to snorkelling that helps you build strong snorkelling skills to get the most out of your snorkelling gear and trips. This workshop  teaches you how to wear and use equipment properly and includes mask clearing and fin kicking to build your skills and confidence to get the most out of your snorkeling excursions. Discover Snorkelling is offered periodically through the shop, or you can book one specially for your own group or party.

Open Water Diver Certification

This training qualifies you to dive anywhere in the world getting the most out of your vacations.Training is done in a class room and pool, with check out dives in open water over a weekend. Training is easy and only requires some basic swimming ability, comfort in the water and a minimum age of 10.

Advanced Diver Certification

This training builds on your open water certification to make you a better diver, or to allow you to move up the training ladder. You will learn to safely complete a navigation dive, a night dive and a deep dive. You will learn two of the following: drift dive, search and recovery dive, wreck dive, boat dive or peak performance buoyancy dive. Advanced Diver Certification allows you to do more kinds of diving, as it?s often required for specific charters and group dives. You can take this course over a weekend in Tobermory in the summer!

Rescue Diver Training

This training further develops your understanding of scuba diving and builds confidence. You will be able to effectively help in an emergency should one arise. Provides needed training for some occupations within fire rescue, policing or coast guard. Pre-requisites include up to date CPR/First Aid, 20 or more logged dives.. Advanced Diver Cert.  including deep diving and underwater navigation. Most of the training for this course also involves a fun weekend in Tobermory!

Scuba Refresher

While you are not required to re-certify at any time, we recommend you keep your scuba skills fresh for your own safety and comfort in water. One way to do this is to take our scuba refresher workshop. This is also a great way to try out new gear or test your current gear prior to a dive trip or excursion.  The scuba refresher is a short pool session with Instructors and Dive Masters to assist.  You can take this workshop as often as you wish. Many divers do this annually prior to heading south in the winter.

Other Training Offered:

Specialty Courses including: Underwater Photography, Dry Suit Diver, Nitrox Diver , Search and Recovery, Deep Diver and many more

Dive Master ? which allows you to lead dive excursions and assist in training courses.

And more, talk to us or see the PADI website for details.


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