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Dive Trips & Activities

Check out our calendar page! Events, training and activities are listed there. Visit or "like" us on Face Book for quick updates.

Where the heck do you dive around here?

Chatham-Kent is nearly surrounded by water including the Lake Erie.  Some local rivers have well-preserved artifacts and shipwrecks and within a short drive from Chatham.

ERIEAU DIVING - WRECKS TO EXPLORE - From nearby Erieau see Great Lake wrecks including the Colonial, the Lycoming, the Robert and the newly discovered wreck of the Sun.

PORT LAMBTON DIVING- St Clair River dives- groups go on various days of the week, and find medicine bottles, old pottery etc. while shore or boat diving.


 HIDDEN LAKE, Detroit River DIVING - Nice easy diving on an island lake in the Detroit river. We use this as our scuba warm up each spring.

 SARNIA DIVING Checkouts and other dives take place in St. Clair River, on the barge and the wreck of the Monarch. Shore diving is possible here as well.


Each year RDS organizes a group trip to a Caribbean location that is great for diving, snorkelling and vacationing in general. We usually choose a destination for late February , the previous August or September. Deposits are often due in Oct. We've had groups of 14-32, singles, couples, divers and non-divers from 18-60+ years of age.  Past locales have been Cozumel, Belize, St Maarten, Bonaire, Curacao, Roatan, Grenada, and St Lucia etc.  The only requirements are that you like to have fun, enjoy travelling and are able to go with the flow.  We also do our best to find affordable all inclusive trips and great-value dive packages for this annual trip.  The trip is booked through Sharon Shaw at |Forsyth Travel and it only "Sucks to be you" if you don't go! 

Red Devil Scuba also brings divers together for special live-aboard trips, ask Gary about what is coming up!

To learn more about diving options in the Chatham-Kent area, down south diving, or anything about dive charters, trips or to share your scuba diving experiences, stop into the shop.

Some of our other Dive Excursions & Trips

GRAND BEND -WEXFORD - Charters take you to see this fantastic wreck out of Grand Bend, due to depth, it's for advanced divers only. The Wexford sank in 1913 and can be found at about 88', its upright so some light wreck penetration is possible.

LONG POINT -Lake Erie charter to check out the local wrecks including the Wilma. This trip is for Advanced divers due to depths.

POINT TRAVERSE TRIP - Lake Ontario also boasts lots of beautiful wrecks to explore. After many years of Kingston and Brockville dive trips, now we are exploring closer to Belleville area to Point Traverse.

FORT LAUDERDALE FLORIDA -Warm water diving with great visibility is in store, too many wrecks to mention and a fun long weekend get a way.

GILBOA QUARRY OHIO DIVING- Easy access with lots of underwater attractions, this is is a great way to spend a day. Sites include an airplane, helicopter, school bus and more. This trip is suitable for new and experienced divers and can be a day trip or weekend get-a-way.

North Wind Wreck Diving Manitoulin Island - Take the ferry from Tobermory to this quaint island and prepare to be amazed by this huge and largely in tact wreck. You could dive this wreck for a week and see something new each and every time. This one is for Advanced Divers+ only. Photo courtesy of Devin Gallagher


BONNE TERRE MINES, MISSOURI - This flooded former mine is lit up by underwater lighting and the site caters to divers. Lots of unique underwater sites including rock formations and mining equipment and suitable for open water divers. This trip is done over a long weekend.

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