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2012 Diving Down South & Locally

Posted by reddevilscuba on October 12, 2012 at 4:45 PM

by Jamie Taylor

Recently, I travelled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for my most interesting dive trip so far, and had my very first ocean dive. When we bottomed at 60’ I screamed like a giddy school girl. I saw things that a lot of people haven’t seen which was quite breath taking. I made 6 dives and loved it so much I am not going to stop talking about it.

My most memorable dive was with Gary, Martin, Louie, Brain, Eion and Anna. We first planned to dive the Sun in Lake Erie but upon arriving there The Capitan decided it was too choppy so we headed to the St. Clair River on the boat. Gary viewed a wreck on his side scanner and said, “Hey a virgin wreck!” Martin and I jumped in and when I emptied the BCD I wasn’t going down, swearing a little no! swearing a lot and Martin trying to pull me down I realize no weights and headed back to the boat ``I forgot my weights`` after a few laughs and a poke `newbie’s`. Brian jammed my weights in my vest, Thanks for not jamming them up my (you know what). Finally got down landing right at the wreck. Explored it in wonder and thought "wow that was great!"  After surfacing Gary asked how was it? Your first wreck dive and from a boat to boot!"

Thank you Red Devil family! Let`s go diving!

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