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My greatest diving experience in 2012

Posted by reddevilscuba on October 12, 2012 at 4:40 PM

by Devin Gallagher


Unfortunately I wasn't able to get out much for diving this year, I was able to attend the Advanced Open water course in the summer of 2012. On a short note it’s never a dull moment with the Red Devil crew. We took the trip up to Tobermory for the weekend of diving, gathering of fellow divers and of course Gary’s big fires at the camp haha. It’s hard to say what dive I enjoyed the most on this trip because they each had their own experience. The one that stands out the most for me would be the deep dive/ wreck dive to the Niagara II this being my first time at this depth so I was curious to see if I would become narked or not, I’m pleased to say I could still count Gary’s fingers and do the simple math haha. This was the biggest wreck I've seen so far in my short time as a diver so I was in awe of the size as we swam alongside of it. Trying to enjoy its massiveness at the same time trying not to suck back all my air and cutting the experience short, which was pretty difficult when we swam down inside of the haul of the ship giving me that feeling that I was in a new world. It was a truly amazing experience I’ll never forget, the coolest part of the dive was when we swam through the wheelhouse where I had a chance to turn the wheel for a moment pretending I was the captain. I could have stayed there all day if I could.. before I knew it, I was at 600 psi bringing me back to reality that I am not a fish I am a human. So as me and my buddy started making are ascent to the surface, on are way up with everything running through my mind I knew id be back again to explore the rest of the wreck. I can’t wait for the future diving adventures and the more great memories, Big thanks to Gary, Aaron, Dave (for the ginger cookies!) to my dive buddy Dave “The cat man” and the rest of the RDS family.

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